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If you or a loved one was recently arrested at a roadblock, you must seek a determined DUI lawyer to protect your rights. Please submit the facts of your case to a local attorney today.

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Georgia DUI Road Blocks

If you have been arrested for driving under the influence and you were stopped at a Georgia DUI road block, it is very important to contact an experienced defense attorney. Your constitutional rights may be at stake.

The state of Georgia has allowed law enforcement officers to start cracking down on those who drive drunk by making it legal to set up DUI road blocks. However, it’s important to understand that police officers cannot set up a road block any time, any place. First, they must be able to prove that there is a legitimate reason for setting up a road block. One example is if there is a high volume of DUI arrests in a particular location. They are also required to publicly announce the road block in an effort to deter drivers from operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.

Even if law enforcement followed the conditions of the road block, they must still have had probable cause to conduct a DUI investigation. For instance, during a DUI road block, the officers will ask for your license and registration. They will likely ask you where you are coming from and if you have been drinking. You may politely decline to answer these questions as they may be used against you later in court. If while talking to you the officer notices signs that you have been drinking (slurred speech, the smell of alcohol, etc.), they may ask you to take a breathalyzer and field sobriety test. In this case, the officer had probable cause to believe you had been drinking alcohol. 

If the road block was set up illegally or the officer did not have probable cause, your case may be dismissed in court. This is the job of your defense attorney to uncover these facts and present them in court.

Road blocks are typically set up between midnight at 4am in areas close to bars and restaurants. Using this tactic, law enforcement officers hope to catch as many DUI offenders as possible. And the penalties for a DUI arrest are severe. This is why it’s imperative to speak with a DUI defense attorney as soon as possible.

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